Surrogate EFT: Is It Effective?

surrogate eft
Surrogate EFT is done not to control but to heal.

The effectiveness of EFT tapping is well known, but did you know that you can also perform EFT on behalf of somebody else? This practice is called surrogate or proxy EFT. It’s used for those who cannot tap for themselves, including children and animals.

What Is Surrogate EFT?

Surrogate EFT involves performing Emotional Freedom Techniques or tapping for the benefit of another person. It can be done for a variety of issues such as allergies, fears, discomfort or distress. Parents may do it for a child who is afraid of flying or misbehaving. Some people even use it for their pets or plants.

How To Do Surrogate Tapping

If you look around, you will find many occasions where surrogate tapping is likely to be useful. If you are on a plane with someone who is afraid of flying, you can tap on their behalf and help them reduce their fear.

Before starting a proxy tapping session, make sure you are clear of negative issues and feel good about yourself. Your EFT setup phrase may go something like this: Even though (name of person) has this problem, I completely accept him/her. You can imagine a golden thread connecting you to the person (or animal) concerned.

Some people find it helpful to “be” the other person. Imagine that you are the other person. Your EFT setup phrase could go like this: Begin by tapping 3 times on the karate chop saying “I am (person’s name) and then continue with the basic recipe – Even though I have this problem, I completely accept myself.

Surrogate tapping proceeds just like any other tapping session. Tap on the recommended meridian points while saying words of acceptance and affirmation. Don’t worry about trying to find all the right words to say. Believe in yourself and trust that what you are doing is best.

After the tapping session, give thanks for the healing and remove any connections you may have made to the person’s energy. For example, you can imagine cutting the thread connecting you to the person.

How Effective Is Surrogate EFT?

Numerous cases of successful surrogate EFT have been reported, especially when using it to relieve physical pain and discomfort. This method is also useful for releasing negative emotions as well as beliefs and decisions that are holding a person back.

Proxy tapping is not an easy task and should not be undertaken unless you are confident in your tapping skills. You should also make sure you are free from negative issues yourself.

For successful surrogate tapping, you must learn to set your ego aside and focus on the needs of the other person. You’ll get better at it the more you practice. Keep in mind that you are only a channel or vessel for the healing process.

Some EFT experts recommend the use of NLP tools with surrogate EFT. Role-playing is a strategy that people sometimes use in NLP, and it can also be used in proxy EFT. Role playing allows you to take the viewpoint of another individual involved in the process, as well as the role of an outside spectator. Viewing the issue from different perspectives can help resolve the problem more quickly.

Surrogate EFT Concerns

People may be reluctant to perform surrogate tapping, arguing that it may be “unfair” to the person concerned. As long as your intentions are good, there should be no problems at all. Proxy tapping should be done in a non-judgmental way, with the ultimate goal of releasing negative emotions and alleviating pain and discomfort. Surrogate EFT is done not to control but to heal.

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