Can Money Make You Happy?

can money make you happy

Many have studied the link between money and happiness – and many different opinions have resulted. Statistics show that household income plays a direct role in a person’s emotional happiness and quality of life.

Those statistics aren’t wrong – money can make a tremendous difference in your quality of life, and that fact alone can make you happy and provide a sense of well-being.

You’ll be less stressed and anxious about the future if you have money saved and money can give you the power to do things you couldn’t otherwise do. But, unless other areas of your life are making you happy, it’s doubtful that having plenty of money will change your life for the better.

One reason that money may not be the ultimate tool to make you happy is that when you do are wealthy, you’re bound to find someone with more money than you – especially when you travel in affluent circles. You naturally make comparisons and fail, becoming unhappy because you don’t have more.

Having more money doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ll enjoy your life more. You probably have to spend more time working to keep your income or increase what you have. It’s an illusion to think that a job or promotion that brings in more income will be used to have fun and relax.

A new home or car can only bring fleeting times of happiness. One luxurious possession leads to another – you work more to make more and you end up in a vicious circle of spending more time to make more money.

Most people today understand that more money, a luxurious home and car and worldwide travels won’t bring them the ultimate happiness they desire. So, why do people work so hard to achieve and buy more things?

The truth is that when you achieve a certain status that brings about an income that allows you purchase things, you become satisfied that you’ve reached that level. Now, you can be proud because the “things” show that you’ve arrived.

But, without good health for yourself and those you love, those things will never bring true happiness. And, when other areas of your life, such as your self-esteem, body image, and relationships aren’t going well, no amount of money will help you to be happy.

Take some time to learn what really makes you happy. Money may not have as much a part of it as you think. When you know what will bring happiness to your life, you can begin to pursue it effectively.

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