The EFT Discovery Statement

EFT Discovery Statement
“The Cause Of All Negative Emotion Is A Disruption In The Body’s Energy System”

The EFT Discovery Statement

EFT is based upon this essential core statement;

“The Cause Of All Negative Emotion Is A Disruption In The Body’s Energy System”

It is important to fully understand the EFT discovery statement.

Think of the “disruption” as the effect you would get if you poked a screwdriver into the back of your T.V or computer and wiggled it around a bit. You would expect some disruption in sound, picture and function. This is known as the “Zzzzt” effect and is what happens to your body when the energy flow is disrupted. The “Zzzzt” manifests as a disturbance in emotions and as physical effects such as nausea, shaking, sweating, pain etc.

The EFT discovery statement does not say that the memory of a traumatic event or something happening in the present time causes the emotion.

Most therapeutic techniques such as counselling and psychotherapy rely on going back in time and reliving a traumatic event repeatedly in an effort to understand what happened and defuse it. This is not so with EFT. One of the basic ideas behind EFT is that although traumatic memories can contribute to unwanted emotions in the present time they are not the direct cause of them. Therefore, it is not necessary to focus on them and cause more upset and distress than necessary.

Only a very brief recollection of a traumatic event is needed in EFT, just enough to pin it down and isolate it. It is actually possible to practically eliminate the effects of traumatic memories so gently, that they are almost non-existent before a client needs to bring them to mind at all. Quite often the present time effects – the negative emotions – can be defused so completely that they are dismissed out of hand. This is the power of EFT.

A negative emotional or physical response is caused like this;

Step 1

Distressing memory or current trauma

Step 2

“Zzzzt” Disruption in the body’s energy system

Step 3

Negative emotional or physical problem.

Counselling and psychotherapy aim at step 1 but do very little to neutralise the energy disruption – the Zzzzt effect – In some cases they amplify the present time emotion and make things even worse.

Mainstream medicine aims for step 3 and tries to eliminate or mask the symptoms with pills, surgery etc. to treat the effects. They do nothing to address the actual cause but rather stick a plaster on the effect. Because of this, the symptoms will often recur or manifest in some other form.

EFT and all other energy therapies aim directly for step 2, neutralising the disruption and breaking the link between a memory and the emotion caused by it.

No Zzzzt = No Negative Reaction

Results can often be seen very quickly with EFT and the memory of past events is not affected in any way, the emotional charge behind the memory is reduced or removed. Therefore, it no longer has any power over you.

The EFT discovery statement is true for all negative emotion;

  • Fear
  • Phobia
  • Anger
  • Grief
  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • Traumatic Memories
  • PTSD
  • Worry
  • Guilt
  • And all limiting emotions and beliefs in learning, sport, business and performing arts.

All of these negative emotions are manifestations of the “Zzzzt” effect, therefore, they can all be treated in the same way.

There is one basic recipe for all uses, making the use of EFT very simple. Modifications and shortcuts used by experienced practitioners add to the power and artistry of delivery, but the Basic Recipe works well even in inexperienced hands.

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