About Fiona Crane

Fiona has a great ability and unique talent and can make huge differences in changing the lives of the people she works with. She is dedicated and very focused on achieving the best results and outcomes every time. I would not hesitate in using her skills again in the future and would be first to advise people to consider her for future projects. Fiona is a first class member of our freelance specialists team.” ~ Malcolm R Sherry ~ CMS International Consultant and Mentor, – Malcolm Sherry Associates

Welcome to Halcyon Holistic Health, formerly known as The Blue Room EFT. Curious about the name change? You can find out why here.

I clearly remember my first encounter with the idea of mind-body connection. It was a few years ago and I had been suffering long-standing chronic back pain. Some days it would take me almost an hour to get out of bed and onto my feet.

I had been attending a pain clinic and Chiropractor for a few weeks with no real improvement when one day myfiona Chiropractor suggested that my pain could be a result of my emotions and subconscious mind. I was outraged! How could I be imagining this very real pain, how could I be choosing to suffer like this, was he suggesting that I actually wanted to feel this way?

It wasn’t until a couple of years later – following a very messy break up with my partner – that I began to understand. I had been searching for some form of help for the ever present back problem and found EFT, I must admit it all sounded pretty weird, but as a last resort I decided to give it a try (incidentally, as a last resort is how the vast majority of people discover EFT ). I attended a one-day workshop in EFT, followed by some private sessions and slowly but surely the words of my Chiropractor began to make sense.

As I began to clear subconscious patterns, past issues (we all have them) and emotions surrounding past relationships with friends, family and partners so my back pain began to diminish to the point where it was gone completely and has never returned. I understood then, the meaning of the mind – body connection and how we are a whole entity comprising mind, body and spirit and that these are not separate. The mind, body and spirit need to function in harmony with each other in order for us to enjoy complete wellness.

I became so convinced and passionate by the power of EFT that I went on to study and qualify to advanced practitioner level with a 99% pass. At this point, The Blue Room EFT was born and I worked very successfully with many clients presenting many different issues.

Over the years my awareness, conviction and passion grew as I developed a deeper understanding of how the mind, body and spirit can work together or against each other and I went on to study Reiki, Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Foot Reading.

I am truly grateful for everything that has led me to follow my path and do the work that I do and feel incredibly humbled at the transformations I have witnessed in many of my clients.